Best Guard Dog for First-Time Owner ?

If you’re thinking of being a dog owner for the first time, you must consider the type of dog you’d like. With the variety of breeds available, it can be challenging to determine best guard dog for first-time owner. Certain breeds have more energy than others, whereas others could pose a problem for novices. If … Read more

My Dog Gets Aggressive when Tired ?

Dog gets aggressive when tired.

Dogs are similar to kids. Then, when playing with you and introducing themselves to others, they become agitated and dog gets aggressive when tired snarl at others to push them away. If your dog acts out when he or she is exhausted, it can be from lack of sleep or from being overexcited. It occasionally … Read more

Why Does My Dog Keep Sniffing Me?

You’ll find the dogs constantly sniffing around, particularly you! and you always wonder why does my dog keep sniffing ? They’ll slap their noses at you after you return home after showering or even after eating. Why is my dog always in my midst? Please find out why your dog is looking at you and … Read more

How to Stop a Dog Howling When Left Alone ?

How to Stop a Dog Howling

Why your dog howling when left alone ? Dogs don’t have the best time when they’re at home. Imagine spending a whole day without a loved one you can play with and chat with. Our furry friends are stressed, bored, or scared. That is why they bark and weep when you’re away. You may think … Read more

Best Toys for 8-week-Old Puppy?

Best Toys for 8-week-Old Puppy

5 Must-Have Puppy Toys for Teething and Growing Puppies: Teething only lasts a short time and typically goes away when a puppy’s final adult tooth erupts, which happens to be around six months old. However, it might be difficult to find methods to ease your dog’s suffering while avoiding damage to your home in the … Read more

When Do Puppies Stop biting? 

Instruct your pups not to bite you

Puppy expert Pippa Mattinson offers some fantastic advice in her book, “When Do Puppies Stop Biting,” to help you get through the puppy-biting stage and leave the other side without crying. We’ll look at some factors that make puppy bites so much worse, how to stop the biting quickly, 5 simple tricks to train your puppy … Read more

My dog barks at strangers on walks ?

dog barks at strangers on walks

Both you and your devoted dog should get stress relief when out for a walk. It’s an excellent chance to get some exercise and introduce your dog to the great outdoors. Your walks might not always be flawless, however. You want to stop a dog from barking at people on walks. If so, you’re not the … Read more

My Dog Won’t Eat his Food but will Eat Human Food ?

dog won't eat his food but will eat human food

What happens when Dog won’t eat his food but will eat human food? Human food cannot satisfy your dog’s nutritional needs, but dry kibble has an adequate amount of all essential components for your dog. The toxic chemicals and high-fat content in human diets also raise the risk of poisoning and obesity. Many elemental human diets … Read more

Dog poops in house after being outside ?

how to stop a puppy from pooping in the house

Having a dog has many incredible benefits, including the bonding and affection you receive when you’re best pals with the one you consider to be “man’s best friend.” However, regardless of how much you cherish your pet, it’s not a secret that certain aspects of the owners aren’t the most ideal, especially those that have … Read more

Why Does my Dog Play with his Food?

my dog play with his food

Has your dog’s unappetizing response to his dinner left your concern? Are you confused about why he throws food around the minute he realizes it has been served to him? The exciting behaviour your dog play with his food may be exhibiting is natural. People are cooped up in one place with them, which can … Read more

Are Spayed Female Dogs Have Periods?

What are the warning signs for a dog that is in the heat

Spaying is also referred to as neutering. It’s an extremely common procedure that is performed on female dogs all over the world. Spaying is a method for stopping unwanted litter and offers numerous health advantages . However, spayed females are less likely to get cancer of the uterus, mammary, or even a urinary tract infection. … Read more

Why Does my Dog Chatter his Teeth ?

dog chattering his teeth

Naturally, watching your pet’s teeth “clickety-clack” is a fun sight. The first reaction is likely to pull out a blanket and cover your pet in comfort, as our teeth chatter when cold. A low body temperature might be the reason for the dog’s teeth talking. There are a variety of reasons why it could occur. … Read more

Dog Pushing Food Bowl Away with its Nose and not Eating ?

Dog pushing the food bowl away

After becoming their first dog owner, dog owners have several options. Dog owners have become experts in animal behavior. It blows my mind. These are the people who see their animals showing interesting or curious behavior. What is this, the dog pushing food bowl away with its nose and not eating ? The owner of … Read more

Why is My Dog Trying to Bury Food with his Nose?

Petco Dog Care

Garden houses provide plenty of space for dogs to place their favorite toys or bones. They can revive the proper behavior of their wild ancestors. So that is why dog buries toys. They can dig a hole, my dog trying to bury food with nose. All dogs will walk outside, bury their food, and cover any … Read more