12 Best Human Food For Dogs ? What foods can dogs not eat?

Best human food for dogs

When trying to best care for your furry best friend, giving them the best food is essential. While plenty of great dog foods are available on the market, you may be wondering if it’s ok to feed your pup some human food.The answer is yes! Some human foods can be beneficial for dogs and, in … Read more

How Much to Feed a German Shepherd Puppy a Complete Puppy Feeding Guide .

How Much to Feed a German Shepherd Puppy

How much to feed a German shepherd puppy ? As all pet owners know, feeding your puppy correctly is essential for their health and happiness. For German Shepherd puppies, it’s important to provide just the right amount of food, so they grow at a healthy rate without getting too much or too little nutrition in … Read more

Pedigree High Protein Dog Food Best Review 2023?

Pedigree High Protein Dog Food

Pedigree high protein dog food  is the perfect choice for active pooches who need an extra boost of energy and nutrition to keep them going. This premium dog food formula is high in protein, rich in vitamins and minerals, and made with real meat as its first ingredient. In addition, it’s specially crafted to support … Read more

Best Dog Food for Picky Eaters in 2023 .

best dog food for picky eaters

Nothing is more irritating than having a fussy eater. If it’s a kid or a pet, it takes work to convince your pet to eat the foods you’d like to. In the case of dogs, plenty of things influence their preferences. It could be that they’re getting too many treats, or perhaps they need to … Read more

6 Best Dental Chews for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs ?

dog dental chews.

The Dental Chews for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs have gained popularity over the last couple of years as dog owners seek easy ways to keep their pet’s teeth healthy and clean. The chews are well-known to boost dental care for dogs by removing tartar and plaque and freshening their breaths. They also love and appreciate … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Caramel Popcorn? 

Can dogs eat popcorn

The soft popcorn is coated in a crispy, sweet layer of sweetness with caramel popcorn, making it difficult to resist indulging in too much. When you are at home, and your dog starts giving you clear indicators that they would like a taste, you tempt them to provide some of your caramel popcorn .Do you … Read more

When to stop soaking puppy food ?

At What Age Should You Stop Soaking The Puppy Food (1)

Other than “When to Stop Soaking Puppy Food,” what other queries exist? The topic of whether or not to soak your puppy’s dry food will be covered in this blog. Additionally, we go over when to start and stop, the advantages of consuming dry food, and how to do it properly. The diet that your … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Bread?

Can Dog Eat White Bread

Humans consume a lot of bread each day, but Can Dogs Eat Bread? Find out everything you have to learn about whether bread is appropriate for dogs and which kinds to avoid in our guide. Bread is a staple in our diet, with most of us eating at least one type of bread daily. It … Read more

What Brand of Yogurt is Good for Dogs? 5 Best Yogurts for Dogs in 2023 .

Control and digestion in balance

In addition to being healthy for people, Yogurt is also excellent for our furry best companions. So, if you ever find yourself eating yogurt and your dog starts giving you those adorable looks, you can feel comfortable giving them some. As long as your veterinarian gives you the all-clear, Yogurt is good for dogs giving … Read more

How Much Chicken and Rice to Feed Dog According to Their Weight ?

How much chicken and rice to feed dog

It would be best if you were careful about what proportion chicken and rice to feed dog. You might need to serve your dog less of a meal than you anticipate because it has more calories than the food you regularly feed him ,350 to 400 calories per cup are prepared during a typical chicken … Read more

My Dog Won’t Eat his Food but will Eat Human Food ?

dog won't eat his food but will eat human food

What happens when Dog won’t eat his food but will eat human food? Human food cannot satisfy your dog’s nutritional needs, but dry kibble has an adequate amount of all essential components for your dog. The toxic chemicals and high-fat content in human diets also raise the risk of poisoning and obesity. Many elemental human diets … Read more

Can dogs eat potatoes skins?

Can Dogs Eat potatoes Skin

These are just a few of our traditional potato favorites: French fries, hash browns, mashed potatoes, and tater tots. But if you’re munching on some and your canine companion gives you one of those adorable puppy dog stares, you might wonder, “Can dogs eat potatoes skins?”.  You can feed dogs various human foods, although. One … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Smoked Salmon?

Why Is Smoked Salmon Bad For Dogs

Dogs should not consume smoked salmon because it could harm their health. The high amount of salt can result in salt poisoning, and smoked salmon may contain harmful bacteria that could cause serious health problems. Dogs eat smoked salmon raw salmon, or any other type of raw fish fillets is not recommended. Fresh salmon that … Read more

Can dogs eat watermelon?

Can dogs eat watermelon and strawberries

Are our dogs permitted to eat the juicy, vibrant fruit as well? Watermelon is a deliciously refreshing treat for humans; it’s the ideal snack for chopping into wedges, chilling in the fridge, and enjoying warm summer days. Find out if dogs can eat watermelon and if it has any nutritional advantages by reading this guide. … Read more

How Long Does Dry Dog Food Last?

how long will dry dog food last once opened

As a general rule, most commercial dog food tends to last 12-18 months after the date of manufacture. However, remember that once the packaging has been opened, this is reduced to few weeks. If you’re unsure whether or not your food has passed its expiry date, you can usually smell an off odor when you … Read more

How to Soften Hard Dog Food ?

Dry Dog Food

One of the most dependable dog food options for dog owners worldwide has been dry food, sometimes known as dog kibble. It’s inexpensive, dogs love it, and it’s effortless to feed and store. Kibble helps your dog’s teeth, although senior canines may find it challenging to eat. For older puppies, many dog owners switch to … Read more

How Long Can You Leave Wet Dog Food Out ? Surprising Vet Approved Facts

How Long Can Wet Dog Food Sit Out.

There are a variety of methods to nourish your pet. Although most dog owners buy dry kibbles from a store to feed their pets, some prefer cooking every meal fresh and ensuring that their dog eats the same way as other people. Between these two options is the wet dog food. So, the question is … Read more

How Long will my Dog have Diarrhea after Changing Food ?

How Long will my Dog have Diarrhea after Changing Food

Dog  have diarrhea after changing food. Don’t change their diet simultaneously to scale back the possibilities of diarrhea. Instead, make it a gradual process over five days. Have you ever wondered about how you can take your dog to eat? The answer is between 4 and 8 hours, depending on various aspects. Your dog’s determine … Read more

How to Keep Ants Out of Dog Food ?

ants out of dog food

The dog’s diet is notoriously messy, and the food that remains on your floors can draw unwanted guests. Nearly every dog owner has encountered how to keep ants out of dog food, and it could be a hugely stressful issue to manage otherwise , your dog kick his food because it could upset their tummies … Read more

How Long Does it Take for a Dog to Digest Food?

Dog food to Digest

Have you ever wondered how Long Does take for a dog to digest food? The short answer is; between 4 and eight hours, counting on several factors. For your dog, you’ll estimate supported his popping schedule and the way quickly he gets hungry. Read on to determine what factors affect it, and how you’ll ensure … Read more