7 Best Low Maintenance Dog Breeds ?

Low maintenance dog breed

In dog-related issues, what wouldn’t desire a loving companion? Sometimes, irritating allergies come into play. Around 10 to 20 % of pet owners are allergic to their pets. Pets with less shed can assist with this issue; however, some dogs who don’t shed require regular grooming and trimming. We considered these aspects when putting together this … Read more

7 Best Collar for Dogs that Pull?

Dog collar

You enjoy taking your dog for daily walks since they keep you both in shape, offer you a healthy dose of vitamin D, and deepen your bond with one another as owner and pet. However, if your dog tends to pull on his leash, these routine walks may rapidly become a nightmare. In this blog, … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Bread?

Can Dog Eat White Bread

Humans consume a lot of bread each day, but Can Dogs Eat Bread? Find out everything you have to learn about whether bread is appropriate for dogs and which kinds to avoid in our guide. Bread is a staple in our diet, with most of us eating at least one type of bread daily. It … Read more

My 15 year Old Dog stopped eating ?

Do you know that people over 65 have health issues because they aren’t following a balanced diet or aren’t getting enough nutrients? Senior dogs can also suffer from similar issues, and accepting that your 15-year-old dog stopped eating can be difficult. It’s normal for dogs of a certain age to be less enthused. There are … Read more

Can dogs eat potatoes skins?

Can Dogs Eat potatoes Skin

These are just a few of our traditional potato favorites: French fries, hash browns, mashed potatoes, and tater tots. But if you’re munching on some and your canine companion gives you one of those adorable puppy dog stares, you might wonder, “Can dogs eat potatoes skins?”.  You can feed dogs various human foods, although. One … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Smoked Salmon?

Why Is Smoked Salmon Bad For Dogs

Dogs should not consume smoked salmon because it could harm their health. The high amount of salt can result in salt poisoning, and smoked salmon may contain harmful bacteria that could cause serious health problems. Dogs eat smoked salmon raw salmon, or any other type of raw fish fillets is not recommended. Fresh salmon that … Read more

what does it mean when my dog’s breath smells like fish ?

Fishy smelling dog breath

As pet owners, we often witness animals acting somewhat peculiarly. Occasionally, we’ll wish we could capture it on camera; other times, it can leave us perplexed or even angry. Strange behavior, especially if accompanied by an odd odor, can signify that your pet is ill. So, if your dog’s breath smells like fish unexpectedly, it’s … Read more

Can dogs eat watermelon?

Can dogs eat watermelon and strawberries

Are our dogs permitted to eat the juicy, vibrant fruit as well? Watermelon is a deliciously refreshing treat for humans; it’s the ideal snack for chopping into wedges, chilling in the fridge, and enjoying warm summer days. Find out if dogs can eat watermelon and if it has any nutritional advantages by reading this guide. … Read more

Are Spayed Female Dogs Have Periods?

What are the warning signs for a dog that is in the heat

Spaying is also referred to as neutering. It’s an extremely common procedure that is performed on female dogs all over the world. Spaying is a method for stopping unwanted litter and offers numerous health advantages . However, spayed females are less likely to get cancer of the uterus, mammary, or even a urinary tract infection. … Read more

Will Spaying Calm a Female Dog ?

will spaying calm a male dog

Spaying or neutering may seem, well, inhumane if we’re thinking only in terms of humans. Will spaying calm a female dog? Are you ruthlessly robbing them of something? Does neutering calm a dog down? Is it self-serving or better for the dog? Dog lovers may hesitate because of misconceptions and fears, but there are compassionate and health-related … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Olives?

Do olives benefit dogs

You may be wondering can dog eat olives. Are they dangerous for dogs? Are they on the list of human-friendly foods that are now considered taboo for dogs, alongside chocolate and raisins?  And what’s the matter about olive oil? In this instance, there’s no way to answer this question straightforwardly. However, since we all want … Read more

What can I Feed my Dog Instead of Dog Food ?

What can I Feed my Dog

A question that comes to your mind is, what can I feed my dog instead of dog food? You become inventive with the food you have on hand while your mind struggles to devise a plan of action. Considerations for Meals:  Keep the following in mind before beginning to search through your refrigerator or pantry: Avoid greasy, … Read more

What to put in dog food to stop eating poop ?

What to put in dog food to stop eating poop

Watching  your fur baby quietly and purposefully nibbling at Poop is incredibly disgusting and terrifying. It’s natural for dog mothers to feed their pups in the first three weeks after lactation, and that helps protect puppies and keeps their surroundings in order. The truth is that most pets eat Poop at some moment in their … Read more

Why is my Dog Throwing Up Undigested Food?

Dog Throws Up Undigested Food 8 Hours After Eating

Dog Throwing Up Undigested Food, the answer to this question is that has it been partially or incompletely digested for various reasons? Dogs can also vomit food that has not yet had a chance to be digested. Gastritis, a simple stomach ache, is one of the most frequent reasons for vomiting in dogs. This condition … Read more